Invited Lecturer
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Invited Lecturer
He has been working with the Universidade Católica Portuguesa since 2005 and has been working in the institution full time since 2009. He is currently a Guest…
Invited Lecturer
João Daniel Neves Amado is an Invited Lecturer and collaborates in the teaching activities at the Institute of Health Sciences (ICS – UCP) and is also a…
Assistant Professor
Bachelor in Nursing; Specialization in Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing, in 1998, by Escola Superior de Enfermagem do Porto; Master…
Invited Lecturer
Head Nurse in the Local Health Unit of Matosinhos - Intensive Care Service; Post-graduation in Legal Medical Sciences and Health History;
Invited Lecturer
Responsible for the Catholic Nursing Center. Member of the Pedagogical Commission.
Adjunct Professor
Specialization in Medical Surgical Nursing by ESEnf.Cidade do Porto; Post Graduation in Bioethics by UCP - CRPorto; Master in Bioethics…
Invited Lecturer
Licenciada em Medicina, Especialista em Medicina Geral e Familiar, Especialista em Medicina do Trabalho e Mestre em Ciências do Desporto. Presentemente é…
Invited Assistant Professor
Graduated in Nursing, Master in Education Administration and Management and PhD in Nursing from the Catholic University of Portugal. He worked…
Invited Professor
PhD in Biomedicine, FCS Master in Public Health, FMUP; University of Porto RESEARCH PROJECTS RN4CAST…
Invited Lecturer
Enfermeira gestora do Serviço de Saúde Ocupacional da RTE, S.A. Licenciada em enfermagem desde 2012, é Mestre e Especialista em Enfermagem Comunitária, tem…
Invited Lecturer
BSc degree in Nursing; Master's degree in Nursing (specializing in Advanced Nursing); Nursing Specialist in Community Nursing;



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